Little did I know what I was in store for when I made an appointment for a natal chart reading with Chris Pridham! Chris very carefully and thoughtfully went through everything, checking in with me as we went along. To my shock, I discovered I have been supressing major portions of who I am. Talking with Chris helped me better comprehend why I made the choices I did, as well as some of the twists and turns my life has taken and I gained clarity about moving forward. I found the reading interesting, informative and inspiring. I highly recommend Chris and his work to anyone interested in being the best they can.


Chris helped me about 5 years ago with a failing marriage. Unfortunately the marriage didn’t work, but that wasn’t because of him. But in the process I learned to love myself and discovered things about myself that still to this day have helped me with dellimas and problems and getting to a higher place in my life.


I had heard Christopher as a guest on another FB group talking about the upcoming eclipse and how astrology applies to the current affairs of the world right now. I was intrigued and requested a eclipse reading. I had had several other readings in past from other astrologers and was underwhelmed so I was hesitant in doing so but went with my gut. I was so impressed with his gift and knowledge. He educated me on my planets and what they were doing, talked about important aspects of my natal chart and how that relates to who I am and how I tick. He told me how the energy would be affecting me Mars conjunct mars, the main one, how to deal with the energies by finding adequate outlets, what those outlets may be, what I am here to focus on in this life and my purpose and lastly talked about upcoming transients that would be affecting me and how long. He was professional, engaging and passionate with his work and I received a recording to listen back to later. I felt very comfortable, like I had known him forever, like chatting with a good friend having coffee. Thank you, Christopher.