Basic Consultation

  • We will go over all your major Astrological energies and look at why you do, or don’t do the things you do. From your Sun sign to your South Node. This is a 1 hr Phone or in Person Consultation with your Natal Report. Recording and emailed reports follow.
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Grand Consultation

  • Natal Chart – Looking at your personality and strongest energies. Relationships and Career dynamics. Progressed Chart – Evolving personality The Year Transits – Past Life and Karmic undertones that effect your life 2 – 90 min sessions.
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The Wedding Gift


The Newlywed package is one of the best gifts you could possibly give that new couple. This includes two Individual 1hr sessions plus a 1-1.5 hour session for the couple. Misunderstanding is the #1 cause of fights and these sessions make things very clear.

Compatibility Report


Why are you with this other person? How do you strengthen each other? Is this a romantic relationship? A great friendship? A possible business partner? Set an appointment for a 2hr Consultation about compatibility with one other person.

Mini Astrological Consultation with Natal Reports


A Basic Cosmo Natal Report with Vibrational Harmonic Report will be prepared and I will help explain what it means over a 30 min call. After the consultation a recording of the consultation and email of the reports will be sent to you.

Transit Consultation


1.5-2hr Phone Consultation about the  59nsits you will be going through in the coming year.

Email Astrological Reports


  • Harmonic Degree Report: Your unique energies $5.00  (1 page)
  • Major Life Themes and Moon Phase Report – $15.00 (8-10 pages)
  • Basic Cosmo Natal Report – Basic Chart Aspects $20.00 (8-12 pages)

Monthly Consultations


After your Full Consultation, you can subscribe to 1-hour consultations once or twice a month with transits and moon cycle.